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Speaker, author and business performance expert Paul Samakow can help your small business
Whether you are just starting out, a business with a few employees or a company with a few hundred employees, Paul coaches you through managing, positioning, cultivating relationships and protecting a small business where employees flourish and customers flock.
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Paul’s Most Popular Services
Paul shares his business expertise with topics that are both practical and engaging for audiences
Be the Shark In Your Pond and Not the Bait
A successful business is either continuously moving forward or it is dead in the water, bait for larger, healthier fish. Business performance expert Paul Samakow shares strategies that help small businesses be the shark in their target market pond, able to lure the most valued customers in ways competitors cannot.
Grow A Thriving Small Business
A prominent attorney, creative marketing strategist, and awarded advocate for small business owners, Paul partners with you to identify and explore all corners of a target market for maximum business growth. His unique method focuses on developing relationships with clients that deliver the most value.
Bring Paul’s Expertise to Your Next Event
As a leading authority on small business growth and development, Paul has an unprecedented ability to deliver a high-quality presentation that addresses key issues concerning small businesses today. Book Paul for your next event to uncover the essential, in-depth topics that other business experts won’t teach you.
Achieve Small Business Success
Build a business without wasting time and money trolling for answers on your own.
About the Book
Paul Samakow’s latest book, Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success, removes the guess-work. Paul guides readers through every aspect of setting up and managing their own business. Based on proven strategies and decades of real-world experience, Paul addresses the practical issues every owner faces to grow a company in one comprehensive, easy-to-read business guide.

Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success helps readers discover higher profits through a more purposeful path to success. Learn to place your employees, customer and community at the center of your business and reap the rewards.

Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success
Find Your #BizAnswer
Learn to develop your small business.
Create a purposeful and profitable life and career.

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