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Whether as a speaker at an event or consulting for your success, Paul helps you attract clients, structure and manage for high performance, and achieve profitable purpose in your community.

Speaking Engagements

For more than 30 years, Paul Samakow has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners find answers and reach their greatest potential

A seasoned attorney and business performance expert, Paul addresses the systems and processes for managing and growing a company for competitive advantage and sustainable growth. His street-proven approach speaks to every facet of a business.

He provides the tools and motivation to dominate in a well-defined market, rally employees to perform at their best, network effectively, create value in your community and attract the most loyal lifetime customers.

Paul’s Most Popular Speaking Topics:

Executive Retreats

Achieve Small Business Success: Be the Shark in Your Pond and Not the Bait

Find your ideal customer and convert them into lifelong loyalists with the precision of a Great White that smells blood in the water from miles away.

Paul’s unique method focuses on relationships with clients that deliver the most value. He bridges the gap between spending time and money that bleeds your business to optimizing for purposeful profit and sustainable growth.

Executive Retreats

Your Business Needs a Bigger Boat: How to Thrive in Shark-Infested Water

Bring together the right processes, right people and right marketing strategies for sustainable long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Paul applies his precision approach in an engaging workshop module to guide you step-by-step to create competitive advantages that customers will flock to and your community will embrace.

Executive Retreats

Design A Custom Program For Your Small Business

Paul can work with your team and tailor strategic messages in the following areas:

  • How to Develop Your Unique Selling Position
  • How to Hire the Best Performers
  • Designing Your Employee Manual
  • The Business of Employees: Employer Responsibilities, Employee Rights
  • Compensation and Setting Goal Structure for Your Employees

Business Consulting Services

Paul will partner with you to explore all corners of your business

Paul will help identify how to optimize systems, processes, marketing, legal structure, and legal protection for maximum business growth. The right processes, right people and right market strategies, built on relationships and purpose, create sustainable long-term advantage. Paul’s precision diagnostic approach addresses both the big picture and the individual components of a company.

Assess Your Business with Paul

Paul is an entrepreneur himself and a leading expert in small business growth.  His comprehensive evaluation examines every aspect of your business and discovers potential areas of growth.

Paul’s 100-point, 360-degree review includes discovery and evaluation in:

  • Advertising
  • Business Goals
  • Business Purpose
  • Contracts
  • Systems, including marketing/advertising, production, sales, employee assignments
  • Expanding Target Market
  • Insurance
  • Legal form of business
  • Leveraging other people, other businesses
  • Target Market / Identification of market segment, geographic reach
  • Marketing
  • Employee issues
  • Products sold and/or Services provided
  • Sales
  • Time Management, Delegation of business functions