“I consider myself a very educated businessperson. What I learned from Paul’s book fits that expression about not knowing what you don’t know. Thanks for the education Paul. We’ll use much of this.”

John Dwyier

Managing Partner, Migrate2

John Dwyier

Managing Partner, Migrate2

More Testimonials for Paul

Samakow addresses virtually every critical business area with a no-nonsense and practical approach. I particularly enjoyed the down-to-earth legal section. Business owners tend to shy away from legal issues at the expense of their profits. Paul’s step-by-step approach can greatly benefit any small business owner.

Jim Muehlhausen

CPA, Author, The 51 Fatal Business Errors and Business Models for Dummies

The knowledge and advice supplied in this book are ample evidence of why Mr. Samakow is a highly successful attorney.

Ronald L. Ogens, Esquire

Principal, Offit/Kurman, Attorneys At Law

Paul is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He has lived and done all the things necessary to become successful. He has learned the old-fashioned way, he has persevered, and he has succeeded. For the lay-person and the established business owner, he distills down to the base details all of the important facts and wisdom needed to start and flourish in the journey. Read it, and read it again. These are true Pearls of Wisdom, and they abound throughout the book. Don’t wait, read this now.

Billie Attaway

Founder, Hyper Growth Business Strategies

I have been reading your new book. Many of your insights have been aligned with what I have been doing for many years. Some others I had forgotten, and some were new to me and enlightening. Robbin has been encouraged to read Chapter 4 (Time is Your Most Important Asset). As a perfectionist, she tends to take way too much time on projects. I now have her follow your suggestions in that chapter. She will be reading it this weekend. Thanks for writing this book. Your vast experience comes through without being done in a way that is condescending or over the heads of people just starting out.

Dennis H. Shefski

President, Smart Business Options

Step By Step Achieving Small Business Success is a must-have for any small business owner or entrepreneur. This essential guide has saved me money, frustration, and most importantly, time. This indispensable business navigation tool gives proven techniques to grow your organization into one with both purpose and profits. Paul has risen to the top of his game by helping others. I have encouraged every business owner I know to get on board. Bravo!

Whitney Williams

Executive Board Member, Columbia Opportunity Resource

While Paul Samakow is an accredited personal injury attorney serving Maryland and Virginia, I know Paul to be above everything else a true entrepreneur. What makes an entrepreneur? Always looking to learn. Not afraid to fail. Never complacent and, most importantly, having the ability to identify an opportunity. Paul possesses all these qualities, but I think what stands out to me first and foremost is his genuine concern for the community he serves. Yes, we all want to achieve a level of professional success but not at the expense of your own personal integrity. Too many sacrifice their’s; Paul’s integrity is beyond all measure. Having worked directly with Paul on many campaigns, I would strongly recommend him as an advisor for any aspiring entrepreneur. I think a great place to start would be to get his book, Step By Step, as it gives the reader real-life and instantly usable multiple insights on the necessary steps to succeed and go beyond as a businessman.

Andy Halsted

Vice President, AudioNow

Underlined, dog-eared and peppered with sticky notes. That’s my copy of Paul Samakow’s book. It’s never more than an arm’s reach away on my desk. Whether I need a practical suggestion on a how-to that’s got me stumped or an inspiring kick in the pants on why to keep building my home business, I can count on Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success. One of my favorite chapters is Sales: Focus on Now. Essential things to remember: find out what your audience wants; believe in yourself and your product; never stop working, studying, learning; and gain your prospect’s trust. Worth the read, from the heart, and written from a lifetime of proven success.

Becky Mello

LegalShield Associate, California and Hawaii

Full disclosure: Paul Samakow is my now father-in-law, but I have known and worked with him for the past five years.  Since Day One we had a great connection surrounding entrepreneurship, as I have also been running various businesses my whole career.  Over the years, he has offered me much wisdom from his extensive experience.  He doesn’t think like a lawyer, he thinks like an entrepreneur.  His book Step By Step is a great overview of his approach to business and only cemented what I knew about Paul from Day One – he knows his stuff!

Brandon Bal

CEO and Founder, Talynt LLC

Paul Samakow’s leadership skills have helped my company improve its management, sales, and customer satisfaction. His genuine personality and kind heart gave me the confidence I needed to guide my business through more success. I am relieved and thankful to have Paul part of leading my company.  His book Step by Step gave me some great insight, helped about my business and food for thought for the future.  The legal section was sensational and will prevent losses in the company.

Ali Banai

President and CEO, Banai Investment Securities

As a niche marketing company, we are always seeking for unique ways to add value for our clientele, and hence, benefit from the viewpoint and advice of professionals in different fields.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been introduced to Paul Samakow. As someone that helped my small business become leaner, focused and more strategic, our association has been an investment that paid for itself over and over again. Thanks to his input over the years, we have grown from a solo operation to a team, staying profitable from the start. Making mistakes is inevitable. However, simple phones calls to Paul have helped us avoid liability on more than one occasion.  Paul is the type of consultant that listens and understands, almost intuitively, always accessible, and just as important – always thinks straight and talks even straighter!  Perhaps at the core of his success is the fact that he cares about people. It’s not all about dollars and cents. Recently, I had the opportunity to get my hands on his new book – easy to understand, to the point and helpful; in line with Paul’s discipline as a professional. I am happy to recommend Paul as a consultant to your business. If you are fortunate enough to book him – do so, and succeed with a plan and a purpose.

Cesar Gayoso


This is an easy-to-read book of gold that no small business owner can afford to miss. This book is a fantastic tool to aid in the growth of business, and it handles needed information in a very efficient and effective way.   Overall, a must-read. Five stars, thank you, Mr. Samakow.

Kevin Brandes

Director of Business Development, Watassa Management

Step By Step is everything you need to know all in one book. A great resource for anyone starting or owning a business. I recommend it to my business clients.

Marc Neibauer

CPA, Neibauer & Co PC

Paul is the King of Marketing.   Rarely do I get to meet someone who has transformed an industry. He has been a great friend and business mentor.

Andrew Clark

Business Owner

I have known Paul Samakow for a few years now, and since I met him my business, TB Security Solutions & Consultants has taken off.  Mr. Samakow has provided me with invaluable information on everything from business development to networking.  Mr. Samakow gave me a great foundation and a successful business plan. I have taken the time to read Mr. Samakow’s book and often refer to his book for useful tips. Mr. Samakow is very personable and a great person to work with. He makes you feel like you have known him all your life. Paul is available 24/7, which is a great attribute in my business.

Tony Brown

Founder, TB Security Solutions & Consultants