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But now, congratulations!


What steps do you take?


You work too hard. Too many hours.  Cash-flow is always a problem. Employee problems abound.  It’s been a while since you had a restful vacation.  Heck, even a restful weekend. Your marketing is not producing. Countless marketing “gurus” hound you with promises.
This Seminar addresses and SOLVES all of these concerns, and more!  It is a



You now have the ability, by completing the information at the end of this form, to attend a one-day seminar that will catapult your business, whatever it is, by allowing you to implement, immediately, all of the concepts above and more.

In other words, you have the opportunity to explode your sales AND put into place systems that will make your business run smoothly, and automatically.

You will learn what a vacation really is when you leave your business in the hands of your newly trained, loyal, excited, want-to-impress-you employees and staff.

 You will start saving money. 

For you, I am going to cut through all of the BS and kick-start the life and business you were meant to have so that you can reach your fullest potential as an entrepreneur and ultimately fuel every other area of your life.


Operations, Personnel, Team Building, and Scaling Up

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Here is a short summary of what this seminar will cover:

Part One

Analysis of You and What You Are Doing.  This is critical before you walk out of the door each day. Hint:  Think Clients/Customers, Employees and Community.

Part Two

Understanding the Most Important thing about your business.  It may not be what you think!  Get this in your blood or go home.

Part Three

Comprehensive Discussion of Marketing Methods – What these are, what works, what does not, and why.  You must understand this or there is no hope.

Learn about the Four Types of Customers / Clients.


Part Four

Understanding Money — The True Definitions of Gross Receipts, Net, and Profit.  No insult here, but it is likely you do not know this.


Part Five

Your Business’ internal structure and operation – The Five Parts of Any Business, and, Your Role, Employees (Hiring, Retaining, Firing) and their roles, and Business Structure, Systems, and Budget.


Unbelievable Offer

If at the end of the day you can come up to me and honestly tell me you got no value, I will refund the price of admission.  And, I will not ask you to give me back the lunch I will have served you, nor the cookies you put in your bag to take home to your family.

 AND, you can keep my book if you didn’t otherwise buy it in advance of this seminar.

AND, you can keep all the extensive seminar handouts.

This is the book – and by the way, you can get it now by going to the “Book” tab on this website; and if you come to the Seminar I’ll refund the price of the book to you on the spot.

Want some more convincing about coming to this event? Who is this guy and why should you consider spending money and taking a day to come to listen?

Start with some of the testimonials for my Step By Step book:

Paul is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He has lived and done all the things necessary to become successful. Her has learned the old-fashioned way, he has persevered and he has succeeded. For the lay person and the established business owner, he distills down to the base details all of the important facts and wisdom to start and flourish in the journey.  Read it, and read it again. These are true Pearls of Wisdom and they abound throughout the book. Don’t wait – read this now.

Billie Attaway

Hyper Growth Business Strategies, Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. 500

Samakow address virtually every critical business area with a no-nonsense and practical approach. I particularly enjoyed the down-to-earth legal section. Business owners tend to shy away from legal issues at the expense of their profits.  Paul’s step-by-step approach can greatly benefit any small business owner.

Jim Muehlhausen

CPA, JD and author of The 51 Fatal Business Errors and Business Models for Dummies

About me

My entire life has been about business growth and efficiency.  I grew up working in my father’s grocery stores.  I learned retail business from the ground up.  I learned the five core functions of EVERY business by being involved in every aspect of my father’s grocery stores and I have applied my knowledge in all of these areas to my business and lawyer clients, and to my own law practice.  Those five functions, by the way, are:

  • Value-Creation…
  • Marketing…
  • Sales…
  • Value-Delivery …
  • Finance…

In high school and college, I became a professional photographer, an entrepreneur, for sure.  By the time I began my second year in high school I had over $20,000 in the bank from the work I did only on Saturday mornings during the summer. Oh the stories I can tell.

As a young attorney I handled the business and legal transactions when my father sold and then purchased grocery stores (he’d buy, build up, sell for a profit, then buy another).

I have handled countless business transactions, involving the purchase and sale of just about every business you can imagine.  Thereafter I was often hired by the purchasers to help them.

As an attorney I also recognized that no matter how good I was, I had to get clients.  I became a marketing and psychology junkie, because I wanted to know what made people “tick” and how to get them to be my client.

I studied and continue to study marketing from the masters by reading their books and from every course, method and video I could find.  If there was a new technique I hunted it down. If there was some hot-shot claiming to be a master salesman, I found them. If there was a whisper of a selling secret ANYWHERE, I found it and tested it.

Here are just some of the past and present marketing geniuses I have studied.

David Olgivy. PT Barnum. Thomas Edison. Henry Ford. Dale Carnegie. Ray Kroc. Steve Jobs. Mary Kay Ash. Walt Disney. Joseph Sugarman. Gary Halbert. Dan Kennedy.

These folks, equally brilliant, are more current. I have studied them all.

Gary Vaynerchuk. Ryan Diess. Jay Abraham. Seth Godin. Neil Patel. Tony Robbins. The Kardashians. Russell Brunson. Ted McGrath. Lee Rosen. Mike Koenigs.

I have read the books of the most sophisticated experts on persuasion and I have learned (and keep learning by re-reading) to employ the principles and techniques that result in moving people from “thinking about it” to hiring me.  Even from “don’t know I needed you” to hiring me.

I’ll mention only a few people in the world of psychology of human motivation that I have studied:  Robert Cialdini. Brothers Chip and Dan Heath. Malcolm Gladwell.

I highly recommend you get all of the books you can from all of the above. But only if you want to have a great business.

This obsession with studying came to me early on as I recognized that marketing is a never-ending moving target, so I have never stopped devouring whatever is available in books, and I have attend seminars on marketing, and persuasion, in both “business” and “legal” arenas for over 30 years.

I have been a paid business consultant for hundreds of clients.

I have conducted numerous marketing seminars.

I have spoken at National legal conferences.


I am a nominee for an award for advertising against attorneys all over the country, the award “The Golden Gavel” is being given in Miami on January 21st.  It is going to be presented at The National Trial Lawyers Association’s Conference. There are awards being given in eight different categories to “recognize and award the top advertisements of the year” based on creativity, quality and effectiveness.  Want to see the ad?  Note I’ve changed the telephone number you will see.

Here is the link:  https://vimeo.com/312610946




Growth Hacking Techniques

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Building Strategic Roadmaps

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Researching Competition

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How to Find Talent

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How to Find Investors

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Team Building Workshop

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Here is more about me

I am a paid consultant for attorneys, helping them grow their practices, and I have clients all over the country

I am the author of several marketing books, one of which, again, you will get for free by attending my seminar.

 I have a multimillion-dollar law practice.  Until one year ago I was a solo, no associates, just numerous offices and as many as 17 employees. I am now an almost 40-year veteran Plaintiff’s attorney in the Washington, DC / Northern Virginia / Suburban Maryland market.  I am the #1 most recognized attorney in this market’s Hispanic community

 Selling services (legal) use the same principles and concepts when trying to sell goods and products.  I can help any business owner.

 I was hired by owners of a marketing company to teach them how to improve their services to their clients.

Here is my newest book, written in 2018:

‘How To DOMINATE. Be the #1 Attorney in Your Hispanic Market’

Consider some of the testimonials this book received:

I attended Paul Samakow’s “Get Hispanic Clients” Seminar and it was absolutely fantastic.  I am not a novice to the marketing of legal services and the amount that I learned today absolutely blew me away.  His book has even more information than he presented in person.  I am charged up to work with Paul on my marketing.

Michael T. van der Veen, Esq.

Former Manager, Telemundo Washington, Van Der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn & Levin, Philadelphia, PA

Paul is the most charismatic attorney I have ever met.  He has captured the hearts and the minds of this entire region’s Hispanic community with his honest advertising, his friendly and embracing personality, and his unique campaigns.  As the former manager of Telemundo, Washington, D.C., I saw all of the attorneys and what they were doing.  Nobody has Paul’s influence.  Even more telling, I would hear from my sales rep’s once in a while that other attorneys asked “How can they be like Paul Samakow?”

 We would go to Paul to sponsor events because his presence helped us pull in other sponsors.  Paul and his group attended summer festivals as if they were the lifeblood, and watching him interact with people at these events was a study in marketing mastery.

 Paul is, without question, the number one most recognized and popular attorney in our community.

Nicole Quiroga

Former Manager, Telemundo Washington, President, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Paul represented my sister.  He is a person that I can trust to care for my closest friends, family and clients.  Everybody, I mean everybody knows that. He goes well beyond the call of duty and is so deeply involved in the Latino community.  He and I share the same values and passion when it comes to helping others.  Paul is amazing.

Yasmine Bonill

Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial

I’ve known Paul for over 20 years. He has found a niche within the Hispanic/Latino community and has excelled in successfully representing clients from this community for more than three decades.  Not only is he smart and aggressive, but he has always been on the cutting edge of marketing and office technology for his law firm.  He is dedicated to his clients and he is a very detailed oriented lawyer with whom I have worked well with for many years.    

Stuart Lipshutz, Esq.

Moorstein & Lipshutz, LLP

Paul Samakow became my client about six years ago.  His purpose was to have me introduce him to politically connected people in our area’s Hispanic community.  At times, I felt like I was his client.  He often knew more people at a gathering than I did.

Paul is a force in the local Washington, D.C. Hispanic community.  He is, simply, respected, well liked and well known.  I took him once to the Cuban Embassy.  Americans were not allowed.  They made an exception for Paul.  In the receiving line, Paul went to shake hands with the Ambassador, and the Ambassador told him that it was he who was honored, that “everyone knows Paul Samakow.”

Paul’s accomplishments as an attorney are well-known to Hispanics.  It is because he is “out there” and connects with people.

Ted Loza

Political Consultant, Former Chief of Staff to Jim Graham, DC City Council

I’ve known Paul for nearly 20 years, having been a former employee of his for more than 15 years.  As a Latino, I can say Paul is the best attorney in our community.  It is always inspiring watching Paul tackle something and make it a success.  From having nearly 40 years of legal experience, running a successful law firm, authoring several books, being on television, hosting radio programs, leading a successful, and I might say “instantly magnetic” campaign to internet marketing… the man knows a thing or two about marketing and building a business.  I was fortunate enough to have been Paul’s mentee and could not have asked for a better mentor.  Paul has helped me tremendously in running my own business.  Do yourself a favor and learn from someone that has found something that he loves (marketing) and has mastered it.    

Edgar Ferrufino

CEO, The Law Agents

When I was the managing partner at a large regional D.C. area law firm, we decided to try to expand our practice into the region’s Hispanic community.  A great deal of research was done and almost unanimously, we decided to reach out to Paul Samakow, in an effort to fashion some joinder or merger of our firms.  Paul’s “numbers” were sensational, and when it came time, after about nine months of truly getting to know him, we took a partnership vote.  Everyone except the four oldest partners voted “yes.”  That was more than enough to move forward.  The older partners wanted to wait a bit more, not voting “no,” but voting “not yet.”  In deference to them, I decided not to move forward.

 When I left the firm I told Paul the reason for the 4 partners’ hesitation. They didn’t want to bring in someone who from the first day would be making more money than them. I was beyond astonished.  Adding Paul’s practice would have been nothing other than highly profitable.

 Notwithstanding that I am no longer with that firm, I cannot sign my name to this, perhaps for obvious reasons.  I wanted to write this testimonial because Paul deserves it.

Former Large PI Law Firm Managing Partner

I am a chiropractor with Virginia Family Chiropractic. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Samakow for almost a decade and he has been a very honest and ethical personal injury attorney. About one in five patients I see were injured in car accidents and I always recommend that they hire an attorney to protect their rights against the liability carrier. I have business cards for many attorneys.  The patients who are Hispanic overwhelmingly choose Mr. Samakow.  His reputation is stellar.

I have also had the pleasure of reading some of Mr. Samakow’s books on personal injury and have found his books and publications to be very thought-provoking and intelligent. I watched him design his marketing campaigns. They are and continue to be successful.

Cameron Hatam, D.C.

 I am a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo.  Mr. Samakow comes into our branch once in a while.  Mostly our customers are Latino.  I see many of them turn their heads when he comes in.  More than once they step out of line to get a picture with him.  He is very popular in our community.

Rossana Mendoza

Personal Banker, Wells Fargo Bank

What can you say about Paul Samakow?  He knows his business.  He is very well- connected in the Spanish community.  His attitude and his compassion are highly respected.  For years he has been an angel for the Latin community.  He is always looking for ways that the Latin Community is not left out.  When he does educational presentations, the Spanish community comes out because of the respect and they understand that what he’s doing is to help them.  I’ve been with him and around him enough to tell you that around Hispanics, “he is the man.”  It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation, without reservation, of Paul Samakow.

Owen Stevens

Retail Sales Manager

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10 A.M. to 4 P.M.


Conference Room, 1st Floor, 8230 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA  22182

Registration Fee:

$2,995.00.  100% refundable if you are not satisfied.

This room normally seats 14 people. I will add seats and take registrations from the first 25 people.