/marketing-key/ Marketing is the Key - Business consulting and public speaking | Paul Samakow

You may not be the best in your business or profession. You may not have a lot of experience in your field. Others may have more cash or better connections.

It doesn’t matter. You can beat them. You can build a fabulously successful 
business if you do the one thing most don’t do.

Focus on marketing.

Many business owners take marketing for granted. Other business owners use flawed strategies that do little to bring in new business. Even when they choose the right strategies, they often get poor results because their heart isn’t in it or they don’t stick with it long enough.

You can do better.

Where others seek to attract “anybody” who has a certain issue or need, you can laser focus on specific segments of the market and dominate them.

Where others use a weak and ineffectual marketing message, you
 can show prospective clients, and the people who refer them, the benefits
 you offer and the results you can help them achieve.

Where others provide good “customer service,” you can deliver 
outstanding customer service that surprises and delights your clients,
ensuring long-term repeat business and referrals. Tell you prospects and clients what you do. Educate them. This is marketing.

Where others merely provide services or products, you can help
 your clients be more successful in their businesses or personal lives. If you learn that a client wants to refinance their home, for example, you can give them information and referrals to help them do that. Even though refinancing has nothing to do with your business. If a business client needs more customers,
you can use your contacts to help their business grow. That is marketing.

You can work smarter than your competition and deliver a better overall
 client experience. If you do this thoroughly, consistently and enthusiastically, 
clients and prospects will come to see you as the person they want to
 consistently work with and buy from. That is marketing, because EVERYTHING you do makes an impression, whether good or bad, and it is all marketing.

It doesn’t take much to beat the competition. Look at what most do 
and do the opposite.