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In an effort to deliver to you the best information resources possible for small business owners, today’s blog post is a compendium of this week’s five must-read articles that I highly recommend. These have great information to help you achieve your goals, manage your money, and find motivation right now, today.


#1: A Business Name Vs a Trademark: Do you know the difference?
From Entrepreneur.com, here’s an article that explains the difference between your business name and a trademark. You work hard to build your brand. Know the legalities to protect all you’ve worked for.    

# 2: Top 5 Business Workplace Trends and Strategy Requirements for Every Leader in 2018
From business coach Meridith Elliott Powell, here is a great article about workplace trends and strategies you must know in 2018.

#3  Billionaire Richard Branson Describes How He Turned His Dyslexia to His Advantage In the motivational department, we all have obstacles to overcome. Read about how one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, Richard Branson, turned his greatest obstacle into a strength.

#4  Five Golden Rules for Successful Goalsetting
Are you having doubts or difficulties with the goals you set for the new year? Mindtools.com has this to teach about the Five Golden Rules for Goalsetting.

#5  What Tax Reform Means for Small Business and Pass-Through Entities
You need to know what the recent federal tax reform means for your small business. Here’s a rundown from Forbes.